inèdit’s Equality Committee provides training to the team

Beyond our activity, at inèdit we want to consolidate the culture of feeling, thinking, and acting through relationships and conduct based on doing rather than being. We are committed to maintaining a working environment free of discrimination and harassment to ensure that the workplace is safe and comfortable, and where everyone can develop to their full potential.

The members of inèdit’s Equality Committee held an internal workshop to train and reflect on the zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and LGTBI+ phobia and to raise awareness of inèdit’s resources for preventing and dealing with possible cases. Training is a key tool for detecting cases of discrimination and harassment.

All the commitments are specified in the protocol which sets out the actions to prevent, detect and deal with situations of sexual, gender based or LGTBIQ+ phobia harassment, as required by the Equality Act 3/2007.

Throughout the year, the Commission will organize different activities in the field of equality, in which the team can participate on a voluntary basis.