We became the outsourced sustainability department for industrial SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the economy and in the sustainable development of many territories and sectors. But often the lack of resources makes it difficult for SMEs to meet the environmental challenges they face on the road to growth and competitiveness.

In this publication we present an example of an industrial SME with whom we have been working for some time now on different projects from a cross-cutting approach. The objective is to implement a process of continuous and personalised advice to help companies incorporate circularity and decarbonisation into their strategies, and environmental metrics and eco-design into their products and services, making sustainability a central axis of their business.

Integrating environmental aspects into a company’s strategy is a long process that requires a good knowledge of the context in which the business is developed. Therefore, at inèdit we believe that the best approach is to take progressive steps to achieve the objectives and assimilate the changes.

Among many other SMEs, Arpe has entrusted inèdit to accompany them over the years in their sustainability projects. This long-standing commitment has allowed our team to become well acquainted with the company’s history, needs and objectives and, therefore, to ensure that the starting point is never zero.

Our experience with Arpe


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